Bernay Laity writes...

  • Can colour really influence the workplace?
  • As the nature of the way we work evolves, the influence on office space design

  • Think you know about colour psychology?
  • The trick you might be missing for successfully using colour in design In the

  • What to mix with Marsala? Pantone’s colour of the year for 2015
  • Launched as the colour of the year and described as like a red wine – “har

  • The colour revolution
  • How technology and urban regeneration could inspire us towards a lighter, brig

    Colour Affects - certified teacher

    Understand the effects of colour – improve the impact of your design


    Colour courses and workshops for interior designers and home improvement companies.


    Increasing research and information about colour informs us that it matters - colour evokes a mood, which affects an emotion. In turn, it creates a reaction or response. Colour connects us to a person, a place or a product.


    Whether you are an interior designer, or market home improvement products, colour is integral to design. It sparks the initial interest which draws us towards a place, a person or a product, and connects you to a brand.  It can change our feelings towards an environment, and can affect how we behave within our surroundings.


    Improve the effectiveness and impact of your design projects with a deeper understanding of colour and its psychology. Our courses offer a clear set of working methods that are designed to educate and inform about colour, and enable you to use it in a more powerful, creative and coherent way. You’ll be further developing your creative edge, while benefiting from improvements in your design and communication skills that will help you to achieve further client satisfaction.



    " As individuals, every designer came away from the event with some new knowledge, and crucially a hunger to start using it. "


    " I would recommend the course for other creatives without hesitation. "


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