Red Alert!

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Recent research from the University of Rochester suggests that men pictured wearing or surrounded by the colour red are found to be more attractive or sexually appealing by women. The study also noted that women perceived men wearing red T-shirts to have a higher status than those wearing blue T-shirts.

Superman – brains and brawn then?

Considered the ‘male energy’ colour, the impact of red is on the physical self. It motivates, increases energy, stamina and courage. Red is our ‘drive’ – our get up and go, so it’s perhaps no surprise that this colour might signal to the girls an alpha male quality whilst blue communicates logic, thought, authority and trust. We have quite literally a choice between brains or brawn!

See the full ‘Women attracted to men in red’ article as appears in Yahoo! Lifestyle

More about the study at the University of Rochester

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Purple Power

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According to reports in one daily newspaper on Budget day the Labour party front benches ‘were awash with ties in epsicopal mauve’ and more recently our prime minister and his wife have been photographed wearing the colour purple. What can this mean?

Normally we associate the Labour party with the colour red which is physically stimulating but there are times when other qualities need to come to the fore when planning for a possible future victory.

Considered a ‘regal’ colour purple is a symbol of authority and rank. Before more modern dyeing and colouring processes the colour purple was difficult to obtain and therefore usually only worn by royalty, the higher echelons of the church and the very wealthy.

Although purple may not be considered a colour  for ‘partying’, none the less a prospective governing or official group could do worse than adopt purple as a colour; it expresses aspects of the ‘higher mind’. The purposeful and authentic qualities of purple that Gordon Brown and his team are favouring would seem to show that they share a sense of truth, quality and authority.

Other variations of purple might be described as violet, lilac, lavender, mauve and heather. Currently still a strong high street colour, the lighter or softer variations may make us appear more approachable and wearing or surrounding yourself with purple would help you to find inspiration and develop your imagination. Team purple with a complementing version of yellow and you have a visually inspiring, winning, confident and powerful combination!

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