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Well it’s been a little late in coming but we seem to be sliding in to the typical spring ‘four seasons in one day’ kind of weather!

Have you noticed the effect of  rain when the brighter sun shines through it? It’s as if  everything sparkles with more clarity! The colours of  spring time flowers and leaves when they finally blossom will appear fresh and lively. These colours share some ‘characteristics'; they’ll have more yellow in them and appear clear and light. These natural colours perfectly capture the upbeat ‘feeling’ of spring; it’s life, energy and optimism. The youthful spring colour personality suits wearing this palette of colours that will support their natural vitality and zest for life.

If you’re a web/graphic/ product designer or branding expert consider using this light, fresh, clear palette. It accurately conveys qualities which relate well to any design concept or proposition that have the associated ‘youthful’ aspects of fun and energy. Some of these colours are quite ‘primary’ so they may work well in a design for a child or youth orientated product, or any design that needs to express fun, lively, sociable, friendly and confident qualities. Have a look at some of these Pantone references and see how well these colours work together then check the colour psychology effects here.

Red Pantone 032, 1787   Orange Pantone 1365  Yellow Pantone 106  Green Pantone 353, 359

Blue Pantone 285, 299 Pink Pantone 706 Purple Pantone 2715 Grey Pantone Warm Gray

Anther part of the spring colour palette are the light ‘Easter’ pastels. Other interior designers and home decorators and enthusiasts might enjoy this lovely blog site that I was recently introduced to where Leslie writes in her column about how she puts spring colours together illustrated with lovely pictures of inspiring colour story mood boards in the Color Me Pretty post. Enjoy.

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Sparkle in spring!

Posted in Branding, colour, colour - psychology, colour education, colour training, colour-psychology, Graphic design, Interior design on January 25th, 2010 by Bernay

I’ve recently returned from a short winter break to find that nature has awoken and finally there are signs of spring! Everywhere I look I see swathes of daffodils waving in the breeze and the cheerful abundance of crocus flowers. Daylight seems lighter, a little longer and the skies a brighter blue as real ‘colour’ begins once more to emerge in the natural world.

Spring sweeps in like the proverbial breathe of fresh air and represents everything that’s new. Typically all spring colours that occur in nature can be described a light, warm and clear. If you look all around you at the colours of the grass shoots, emerging buds, blossoms and flowers you will see this.

The ‘colour personality’ that mirrors this season will most likely have an innate sense of youthfulness or a young outlook. They may even work with children or young people for the spring personality cares deeply about others and would do anything for anyone.

The ‘bubbly’ spring personality may have light coloured curly hair and bright, clear sparkly eyes. You’ll usually spot them in the thick of it at any social occasion for they love to party and would most likely be first on and last off the dance floor! They are most likely to suit clothing in light, crisp, fresh, smooth textures and fabrics perhaps patterned with polka dots or other small, fine designs. Gold jewellery or jewellery that sparkles, glitters or has a quality of ‘movement’ is quite likely to suit them.

The essence of any children’s products or services with an emphasis on youth, music, dance and fun will be best captured and communicated by the use of a ‘spring’ palette of colours. Yellow is a key spring colour. Reminding us of the return of warmth and sunshine, it relates to our emotional well-being, confidence and self-esteem. Bright, fresh greens can seem particularly ‘youthful’ whilst a lively light orange represents fun and sociability.

At home the spring personality will appreciate a lot of light and sparkle. Colours again will be light and warm with light coloured woods and ceramics; fine, crisp textures and small patterns or prints. Look to Kath Kidston’s fun products and colourful design for inspiration on the sort of colour and style that would appeal to the spring personality.

Or research the clear, crisp elements of Swedish, Nordic and Scandinavian design influences that includes a lot of the qualities of ‘light’ – Nordic Style

And finally invite in the spirit of spring and celebrate the tradition of Easter by adding some natural colour with fresh spring flowers!

Spring hand-tied arrangement and tulip jug

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