Can the colour of your favourite mug improve the taste of your cuppa?

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Most of us probably have our favourite mug for a comforting cuppa at home or at work and without which no brew would taste half as good, and now recently published research might explain why.

Studies conducted by researchers from Oxford University and the Polytechnic University of Valencia published in the Journal of Sensory Studies, have shown how serving food and drink in different coloured bowls or cups can alter the perception of its taste, aroma and appeal depending on the colour of receptacle it’s served in.

Volunteers were asked to sample hot chocolate from plastic cups in four different colours: red, white, orange and cream and found that drinking from the orange and cream cups had the best flavour.

They preferred the flavour of the chocolate when drunk from an orange cup finding it more intense and found that the beverage served in a cream cup appeared to be sweeter, with a better aroma. (My own preferred ‘comfort’ mug is orange)!

As this piece of research indicates, colour influences behaviour – and also our choice of product. Although more often used to package orange (fruit) juice related products, it is quite an apt colour for other food stuffs too, as used in the packaging for the cereals above. The colour orange itself appeals to our sense of physical comfort, sensory enjoyment and feeling satiated, and so can be a useful colour to consider including in the design for many food related products.

(Images courtesy Nestle, Weetabix,

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Reddy for Bed?

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Eyebrow raising research recently published in the Journal of Social Psychology confirms how the colour of clothing can have a powerful influence on how men perceive the opposite sex.

A survey of 120 male students conducted by researchers at the University of South Brittany, were asked to look at  images of a woman wearing a series of  red, blue, green and white tops. The woman was perceived to be the most attractive when wearing the red top. Furthermore, most thought that a woman wearing red was more likely to agree to sex.

Interestingly similar findings were reported from colour research by the University of Rochester (2010) which found that women were more likely to be sexually attracted to men wearing red. (See article Red Alert!)

While wearing blue will very likely communicate that you are trustworthy, green that you are even-tempered or ‘chilled,’ and white communicates a kind of ‘hands off’ purity (!); there is no doubt that any person, male or female is certainly likely to be noticed wearing red. Its physical effect is to increase stamina and energy, our ‘drive’ and motivation. Therefore any hopeful males (and females) will be subconsciously switched on to this strong colour signal that arouses interest and……yes, possibly passion!

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Red Alert!

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Recent research from the University of Rochester suggests that men pictured wearing or surrounded by the colour red are found to be more attractive or sexually appealing by women. The study also noted that women perceived men wearing red T-shirts to have a higher status than those wearing blue T-shirts.

Superman – brains and brawn then?

Considered the ‘male energy’ colour, the impact of red is on the physical self. It motivates, increases energy, stamina and courage. Red is our ‘drive’ – our get up and go, so it’s perhaps no surprise that this colour might signal to the girls an alpha male quality whilst blue communicates logic, thought, authority and trust. We have quite literally a choice between brains or brawn!

See the full ‘Women attracted to men in red’ article as appears in Yahoo! Lifestyle

More about the study at the University of Rochester

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